Veracross is the PWHS database which provides families with: course assignments, assignment grades, report cards, a faculty and family directory, and the school calendar.

Log-in to your Veracross account by clicking on this link

Forgot password? Go to the above log-in screen and click on forgot username or password? at the bottom of the log-in box.

Allowing Veracross to Support Your Child’s Development
If you have not done so already, please log into Veracross and change your password to something that you are willing to share with your student.  Click here for instructions on how to change your password.  Please have your child write down your username and new password in their binder so that they can log-in to Veracross at school and receive help from teachers on how to use Veracross.

Providing all assignments and assignment grades on Veracross enables the students to use the database to keep track of their assignments and due dates, and to address any missing assignments that may occur.  It is the intention of the faculty that the students take up this responsibility because it helps them learn how to navigate an online learning environment, pay attention to deadlines, and communicate timely and effectively with teachers.  As always, parents are welcome to view these resources so that they can help coach their child in the above mentioned skills. The faculty want to remind parents that doing the above mentioned tasks for the student will detract from the student’s ability to develop independence and ownership of their own learning and success.  Parents are welcome to talk with their student’s Advisor or Sponsor for advice on how to support this learning process.

Click this link to see Visual Instructions for Using Veracross

Grading System
The faculty asks that students  use the database to ensure that their understanding about school work matches that of their teachers.  Students will be able to check if their assignment book matches  Veracross, if Veracross shows that the teacher received the assignment, and if the grade matches what they expected to receive.  If any of these things don’t match, that is when the student should take action to remedy the situation, or contact the teacher if they are confused.  Veracross has been purposefully  set-up to not show the course grade (sum of the assignment grades) until the end of the course because we do not want students focused on course grades and GPAs — we want them focused on critical and creative thinking, the quality of their work, looking for new ways to challenge themselves, and having a balanced and healthy life. If the student remains focused on being strong in class participation, the quality of their individual assignments, and their effective communication with teachers, their course grades and GPA will natural improve far more than calculating and recalculating their final grade day by day.  We hope that parents will support us in this effort to improve the balance and quality of our students’ learning and lives.