High School Parent Council | Mandate

Each year, as part of our original standing mandate, the HSPC is responsible for reviewing the Mandate of our body and reflecting any changes that need to occur in our work. We have made the following updates and strive to have the fully completed mandate approved by our November 2017 meeting. We encourage parents to review our Mandate and send suggestions via your High School Parent Rep, or come to a meeting to share your thoughts.

We are accountable to the Faculty Chair, College of Teachers, High School Faculty & Chair, and PWS Board for our work, and report monthly on our activities and goals.

Portland Waldorf School
High School Parent Council (HSPC)

Purpose:  As representatives of the parent body, the PWHS Parent Council’s mission is to build community within the high school, strengthen the social bond within the greater school community,  facilitate communication, support the work of the Faculty and Administrative bodies, support students, and support parent education.

In order to achieve our purpose, we strive to:

Build community and strengthen social bonds

  • Host new parent gatherings
  • Host parent socials to coincide with school dances
  • Facilitate family-led social activities within each grade
  • Participate in school festivals
    • Partner with Student Council to provide two HS-led activities per festival
  • Coordinate volunteers for workshops, festivals, and other community-building activities

Facilitate communication

  • Ensure that Parent Council communication is unified and consistent to all bodies of the school: administration, faculty and college, board of trustees, and parent community
  • Sense and reflect the voice of the parent body to the administration
  • Disseminate information from the school to parents

Support the work of the Faculty and Administrative bodies

  • Support student and faculty initiatives by providing volunteers and mentors for senior projects, interviews, etc.
  • Coordinate volunteers for outreach events
  • Supporting fundraising work
  • Provide feedback on faculty and college ideas, visioning, and communications
  • Provide weekly faculty snack
  • Coordinate end-of-year faculty gifting

Support the Student body

  • Provide volunteers and parent advising for clubs (e.g. yearbook, speech & debate, etc.)
  • Provide opportunities for students to apprentice at major school planned events (e.g. annual auction, fundraisers, etc.)
  • Assist in coordinating senior legacy projects (e.g. scholarship fund, art installations, etc.)
  • Support the transition of students “beyond school” with mentoring, internship opportunities, college counseling, alumni work, and ESL inclusion
  • Field annual Student Well-Being Survey

Coordinate educational events for parents

  • Support Back to School night
  • Provide yearly events such as:  Why Waldorf High School educational night, Pathways to College, Book of the Month study club, and an Anthroposophy Study Group