Click the following colored links to download and print the appropriate form. If you have questions about which form is needed, please contact the High School Secretary, or (503) 654-2200 x218.

PWS Field Trip Release Form

Request for Extension of Major Assignments — To receive an extension of a major assignment this form must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the deadline. This permission cannot be granted except for significant reasons including (but not limited to) student illness (with parental notification) or family emergency (with parental notification).  Failure to meet these requirements will make the assignment late and thus be subject to the Late Assignment policy consequences defined in the HS Handbook.

Guest Pass for HS Dances

Service Proposal

High School Registration for Sports

CDC Concussion Information Sheet


Juniors and Seniors can apply for an Internship during their elective periods:

Internship Application for Juniors and Seniors This document explains the purpose and expectations of a Junior/Senior Internship and is the form students complete and submit to to get approval for their internship.

Internship Agreement Letter for Mentor This document should be given to the Mentor of the Internship for him/her to complete and return to

Seniors may opt out of math or foreign language (not both) to do an Apprenticeship on campus:

Overview of Elective Options in Senior Year 2016-17

Apprenticeship Application for Seniors


PWS 9th Grade Summer Reading List